Iracematravel 3M Virtua AP Safety Glasses, Anti-Scratch, Clear Lens, 71512-00000:Iracematravel
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3M Virtua AP Safety Glasses, Anti-Scratch, Clear Lens, 71512-00000:Iracematravel

3M Virtua
3M Virtua Published in October 16, 2018, 3:37 am
 3M Virtua AP Safety Glasses, Anti-Scratch, Clear Lens, 71512-00000:Iracematravel

3M Virtua AP Safety Glasses, Anti-Scratch, Clear Lens, 71512-00000:Iracematravel

Price:£2.90+ Free shipping with Lidl-pl Prime

StinkyDave Reply to on 6 December 2016
Comfy safety glasses.
I look really cool in these. I think.
MikeHotel Reply to on 6 March 2018
These are great to keep in your toolbox and have saved my eyes from all kinds of chips, splinters and drips. I sometimes forget I’m wearing them if I’ve had them on for a while as they are light and plastic is very clear. My only nitpick is that I don’t think they would survive being trodden on, but for the price I would happily buy a spare pair.
Bagpuss84 Reply to on 13 August 2018
Great value, quality branded safety goggles. Have used these whilst using the strimmer and they are comfortable and fit securely. Partner had also used whilst cutting wood and again they do the job well.
At this price and for this brand highly recommend as protection of eyes is very important.
Prosumer Reply to on 24 April 2018
These are much better fitting for my slim face than the comparatively expensive Bollé pair they are replacing, which seem designed with larger faces/heads in mind. As they sit closer to my eyes all around, there is less chance of particulates falling in between. Unfortunately I had to remove one star as they are not perfect - they don't look quite as nice/sporty, and can get a little foggy at times.
astrofox Reply to on 17 March 2018
Super clear plastic and seem to be scratch resistant. I use them at home, when painting the ceiling, using powers tools and gardening. They are light and comfortable to wear and I usually forget I have them on. I also wear them for my job ( science teacher) and won’t hesitate to buy them again
anotherperson Reply to on 13 December 2017
Clarity of the lenses is excellent, much clearer and more comfortable to wear than goggles types. Probably not suitable for spectacle wearers.

The comfort and clarity meant I kept them on where I would have probably abandoned goggles. Thankfully I've not impact tested them but would expect 3M to be up to spec.
Ms Jacqueline Turner
Ms Jacqueline Turner Reply to on 2 June 2017
Arrived sooner than expected. I use these whilst strimming the lawn and they offer proper protection from flying garden debris. The glasses are comfortable to wear and don't move. Absolutely brilliant and well worth the money.
Peter Reply to on 5 February 2018
Comfortable safety glasses. Wear them using engraver tool and I think it's must have for everyone working with engraving tools like Dremel. Have to clean wood/metal pieces from these glasses every 10 mins, and I would never wish this stuff to come into my eyes.
Miss Sunshine
Miss Sunshine Reply to on 26 January 2018
For the price, totally fine. Bought a few pairs to store in the garage when needed or to replace quickly if they break. We wore them to trim the hedge, both husband and I were quite happy wearing them and felt safe from flying twigs etc.
jane clayton
jane clayton Reply to on 27 December 2017
Does the job well. Perfect for stripping, sanding etc.

They're just a big pair of protective plastic glasses that keep the gunk out of your eyes. They keep clear mostly, though did mist up a couple of times. But that's probably because I'm hot stuff....
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