Iracematravel Bankers Box 45.7 x 40.6 x 61 cm Smooth Move Double Walled Moving Box (Pack of 10):Iracematravel
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Bankers Box 45.7 x 40.6 x 61 cm Smooth Move Double Walled Moving Box (Pack of 10):Iracematravel

BANKERS BOX Published in October 16, 2018, 3:37 am
 Bankers Box 45.7 x 40.6 x 61 cm Smooth Move Double Walled Moving Box (Pack of 10):Iracematravel

Bankers Box 45.7 x 40.6 x 61 cm Smooth Move Double Walled Moving Box (Pack of 10):Iracematravel

Price:£24.00+ Free shipping

MrEasyTarget Reply to on 8 January 2018
Great boxes. Fits perfectly for loads about 10kg, up to 12kg max. With good tape - it's one layer of a tape to close the box all together and it works well. Walls are strong, little weaker than those from Amazon Pantry, but still very good for the price. Good tip: if you want to maximize size and weight for DPD - 3 boxes like these here one over another with one pair of flaps dropped a side of lower box - perfect for sending abroad (as I need it). If taken solo - one box only - size is perfect to carry on with full load (as I said ~12kg max).
Delivered very fast, well packed (rain proof enough). Good service. Recommend!
Angie Reply to on 27 September 2017
Very pleased with these boxes bought to empty room for full redecoration and new furniture to be built. Took heavy products wel and easy to move as long as not filled with books. Would be useful for moving
Customer Reply to on 6 May 2018
These weren't that useful compared to say the Niceday or Viking boxes. Whereas Niceday (slightly smaller) boxes come as a well-designed box that simply needs folded into position (and has a very secure base, plus a lid), these simply have flaps to fold over. Firstly, they need taped to hold the bottom together. Secondly, if you are putting anything other than the very lightest of items in them some reinforcement is necessary (you could rip up some of the boxes and use parts to reinforce the base of others).
Suzyque Reply to on 24 September 2017
Excellent boxes for moving home! Well packaged and great quality, exactly what we needed. Many thanks!
Miss B. A. Freeman
Miss B. A. Freeman Reply to on 29 November 2017
Great boxes, perfect for what I needed. Sturdy and an easy size for lifting.
TonyD Reply to on 20 May 2018
Good strong boxes bought for recent house move, and they have survived well ! Easy to assemble and break down, and I have since passed them on to someone else for their upcoming move. Delighted with these
Rory Hodgson
Rory Hodgson Reply to on 17 July 2018
Suitable for light moving, but would not necessarily recommend for international moving. I found that once filled (even with a blend of books and lighter objects) that the handles caved in after lugging them off the ground and stacking them.

If I could go back in time, I would've bought thicker walled boxes. Nonetheless, a bit of gorilla tape and these boxes are reinforced and sturdy and complete these mission.
Angela Young
Angela Young Reply to on 11 December 2017
Good price - quick delivery
TNK Reply to on 6 August 2018
These boxes have suffered a great deal of abuse from us during our move - but they have survived.

Dared to load about 20kg of office items (paper, books, gadgets) into each of the boxes and the boxes lived through the ordeal in a perfectly reusable state.
Rico Reply to on 25 July 2018
Strong, love the handles. Made moving a much more pleasurable experience.

Didn’t use the tick boxes to say which room was which, but I can imagine this being useful for some people, I just wrote exactly what was in there in the rectangles on top.
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